Venice Biennale: Xiong’an,A city on human scale

The goal of this project is to create an environmentally friendly and livable city.In order to get the target, I study from two aspects. Firstly, I study present cities,find the problems, and get a livable city as the style picture. Secondly, I study human behavior, draw the diagram, and generate the pattern. All lot of those […]

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Urban condition500X500m

I choose Chaoyang District of Beijing as my research area. Tianshuiyuan community is an old area in the District. Many buildings were built more than thirty years ago.There is also a village in the community. It is blended, but the infrastructure and services are complete. 1.Infrastructure There is a subway station in the southwest corner […]

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Neural style transfer

When we do style transfer, we need to prepare the style pictures and content pictures. In the experiment, I choose the fields and screen shot of the cities as my style pictures. I screen shot different scales of Xiong’an satellite maps as the content pictures.I try to combine different style pictures,content pictures and parameters together, then I get some results. 1.Contents:different scales of Xiong’an […]

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In this part I create a series of objects and use them to generate a lot of fields. All of the work is to find a pattern and makes preparation for the next machine learning and urban plan.  Objects There are a lot of objects. These objects are basic elements for generating fields. Their sizes […]

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Article presentation on Bridal, James: New Dark Age: Chapter 8 Conspiracy

As described in the book, we are in a flood of information, surrounded by various statements, conspiracy theories. We try to explain the world with our description, but the more information we get, the more confused our explanation is. So we should stay in the gray zone and avoid being blinded by conspiracy theories. 1.Rational, […]

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