When we do style transfer, we need to prepare the style pictures and content pictures. In the experiment, I choose the fields and screen shot of the cities as my style pictures. I screen shot different scales of Xiong’an satellite maps as the content pictures.I try to combine different style pictures,content pictures and parameters together, then I get some results.

1.Contents:different scales of Xiong’an satellite maps

2.Styles: fields and cities


I try different scales of style picture and content picture. I find if I combine the scales incorrectly, we can’t get the right size of the city blocks. Maybe one of the block in the result represents several square kilometres.

Large scale and high density

Large scale and low density

Middle scale, high density and yellow texture

Small scale and extremely high density


I also combine the existing city and Xiong’an together . The structure of the results is beautiful, which keep the structure of roadnets and farm.

Small scale and Tokyo

Small scale and Venice

Mini scale and Barcelona

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