The goal of this project is to create an environmentally friendly and livable city.In order to get the target, I study from two aspects. Firstly, I study present cities,find the problems, and get a livable city as the style picture. Secondly, I study human behavior, draw the diagram, and generate the pattern. All lot of those are making preparation for style transfer.

It is better that people can get what they need in 15-min, about 1km distance around.So I drew the diagram of super community.It includes three kinds of action radius, and centres. The block is huge, each side has 1.7km. I also assume that cars can’t be allowed in if not necessary.Four super communities will form a district,so that People can arrive their workplace in 30-min.

I use three sizes of elements to generate the field.Each size correspond one action radius.The element is made by a fabricated structure,and will form many roads and areas.

Many cities were built by the topological relation.So I use the regular to generate three kinds of layers,and lay them together, get the final pattern.

Antwerp is a Middle ages city. It has dense roads. The roads cross each other and form many nodes. So I choose Antwerp as the style picture and then use style transfer to generate the final result.

In the project,I use the new technology,artificial intelligence, to generate a bottom to up city. The result is just one of all kinds of possibilities, but it show a broad prospect of technology application.

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