As described in the book, we are in a flood of information, surrounded by various statements, conspiracy theories. We try to explain the world with our description, but the more information we get, the more confused our explanation is. So we should stay in the gray zone and avoid being blinded by conspiracy theories.

1.Rational, irrational and paranoid

Catch-22 tells us that rational actors are trapped in irrational situations. Especially today, in the era of the big bang of information, we try to explain the world in our way. We need a lot of information to support, but the more information we find, the more chaotic our interpretation is .

The cover of catch-22

So it is difficult for us use our simple language to describe a complex world. For example, paranoia always feel someone is watching him, but we are monitored all the time today.

2.Conspiracy Theory

We live in an age of unequal information. Official and civil, power and weakness, science and fallacy all exist at the same time. They all explain the world in their own way. Because of not equal of information, they explain the problem from their own point of view, so there is conspiracy theory. We now recognize that greenhouse gases can cause global warming, but the Trump team sees it as a conspiracy theory.

The border wall

Human activities that led to climate change already existed after the Mongols invaded Europe, not just after the Industrial Revolution. Volcanic eruptions in 1816 did cause global cooling, but in fact ordinary volcanic eruptions emit less carbon dioxide than aircraft emit. Facts show that our world has conspiracy theory, and we can not clearly distinguish between true and false.

The Mongols invaded Europe

3.Grey zone

The best way to avoid conspiracy theories or shallow views from blind our eyes is to stay in the grey zone. There are a variety of possibilities in the zone that can avoid us going to extremes.

IS afraid of the existence of grey zone

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