I choose Chaoyang District of Beijing as my research area. Tianshuiyuan community is an old area in the District. Many buildings were built more than thirty years ago.There is also a village in the community. It is blended, but the infrastructure and services are complete.


There is a subway station in the southwest corner and there are five bus stations on four roads. There are two road in the community.

2.Hospital and pharmarcy

There two hospitals in the community. One is eye hospital, and another is diabetes hospital.There is a clinic in the area.Seven drugstores are distributed all around.


It is an old community, so there are many restaurants near the area.

4.Hotels guesthouses and apartments

There are four hotels, five guesthouses and several apartments in the area.

Distribution of hotels and apartments
Five guesthouses in the area

5.School and kindergarten

There is a middle school and a kindergarten in the area.


It also have government agencies and public services, such as banking services, haircut, fruit market and laundries.

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