I choose Middle Southern Lake Community in Wangjing of Beijing as my research area. It is an area with high density about 10K persons per square kilometer, which is similar to the density of Xiong’an main area. The block is 400 square meters, bigger than 100 square meters, because Beijing has too many people.


There are four bus stations near the block, and there are also two subway stations about one kilometer far away from the area.

2.Hospitals,pharmacies and grocery stores

There is a clinic in the community and a hospital across the Hu’guang Middle Street.There are four pharmacies near the area. There is a vegetable market in the community.


There are about ten restaurants near the area. Especially in the northeast corner of the community, there are about seven restaurants. The cost is from 30yuan to more than 100yuan.


There are dozens of hotels near the area, there are about five guesthouses in the community.

The location of hotels

It will spent 141 yuan for one night in the guesthouse.

It will spend 178 yuan for one night in the bigger room.

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