Final _ The Future of Xiong’an

Integration of Water-Land-Built Environment Introduction Design Concept : Fluidity of land-lake connection As the water element and ecosystem are the important elements for the future development of Xiong’an and the water and land connection is also a significant part of Chinese traditional culture and lifestyle, therefore, at Shaochedian where land-lake ecotone areas are largely existed […]

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Xiong’An New City Question : Disconnection of urban green spaces Excessive Land-use for the Transportation Infrastructure and Car-parks in an urban context. That breaks the connection between green spaces and created a lot of isolated spaces. Challenge To MINIMIZE the land-use for transportation needs and MAXIMIZE the area for green spaces to ensure the sustainability […]

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I MACHINE LEARNINGSTYLE TRANSFER OF GEOMETRY FIELD ONTO XIONG’AN CITY USE OF DIFFERENT FIELD TYPES ONTO THE SAME MAP 01 [ANXIN-L] Different weights & number of iteration ANXIN-L_FIELD5 [2048-10-10-500]ANXIN-L_FIELD6.1 [2048-10-5-250] [ANXIN-M] Different weights ANXIN-M_FIELD1 [2048-10-10-250]ANXIN-M_FIELD6.3 [2048-5-5-250] [ANXIN-S] Different image size & number of iteration ANXIN-S_FIELD6.4 [2048-5-5-500]ANXIN-S_FIELD6.2-zoom [1536-5-5-200] DIFFERENT FIELD SCALE 02 [RONGCHENG-L] Different weights RONGCHENG-L_Field5 […]