Integration of Water-Land-Built Environment


Design Concept : Fluidity of land-lake connection

As the water element and ecosystem are the important elements for the future development of Xiong’an and the water and land connection is also a significant part of Chinese traditional culture and lifestyle, therefore, at Shaochedian where land-lake ecotone areas are largely existed and where future urban central development of Xiong’an will be focus on, it is rather crucial to improve the fluidity between the water element and the land.

The goal of my project is to preserve the natural landscape structure of Xiong’an with all the beautiful curves around the water elements, with pocket green lands bridging across the water to connect the built environment and the natural environment. This will enhance the relationship between the people and their both man-made and natural environments.


1. Creation of Xiong’an Urban Pattern

To achieve the goal of my project, here is the creation of some color fields to serve as the information of New Xiong’an urban planning.

2. Neural Transfer — Xiong’an as Base Structure

3. Neural Transfer — Maya Pattern as Base Structure

Extraction of information from different color from Maya pattern is done for the planning of Xiong’an landscape.

Differences can be seen especially in the middle lake area

4. Neural Transfer — Color Field on Color Field

Creation of finer detailed patterns with the combination of larger less dense pattern as base structure with denser detailed patterns.

5. Xiong An Urban Texture

Extraction of Xiong’an landscape information.

6. Urban Texture from Other Cities

As Xiong’an is currently underdeveloped, therefore extraction of different urban planning information the transition between water and built environment & green land and water from different cities is important

More Options of Xiong’an Planning using different maya field produces rather successful results too.

7. Urban Texture from Combined Cities


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