In this chapter of cloud, James resembles data as atomic bomb that cloud our opinions. It has a vast source of information but at the same time it holds a extremely destructive power.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt once said that technologies especially smartphones are making the world safer and better. Awareness could be raised easily because internet is making the world more transparent. Furthermore, disastrous events like Rwanda genocide could be prevent if camera phones existed.

However with all the benefits and conveniency technologies brought to us, the author argues that it could possibly be dangerous if mischievous people are using it to amplify violence like in the case of Kenya Protest on Election results in 2007. Many were killed.

All in all, it is not the debate against technologies. Instead, it is all about the argument against ourselves. Information that is provided shall be analysed critically and not to prohibit us from rethinking our relationship and connection with the world.

And from the improving technologies at the present, it is no doubt that technology has brought us so much advantages than disadvantages. We can basically find anything from the internet and through the development of technologies like AI and machine learning, they are helping us to collect a huge amount data that we as human won’t be able to process. Just bare in mind that don’t be a slave and let technology to cloud our understanding. However, we shall use it critically to to benefit ourselves.

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