New Fields

Typical cities were selected as examples in the research of urban morphing analyse, to try to figure out how those basic elements were fabricated in the city. Salient elements that are looks differently on map: There is an obvious contrast between the factory areas and residential areas.

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Here is all the Neural Network style transfer experiments. Unlike Vennice and Detroit and other cities on the right that have simple paterns fibering the texture of city, I also choose the first two maps that are of Tokyo with areas differ in densities(central area and urban area) and building scales(high rises and villas), and […]

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From objects to fields Thanks to technology, like we just discussed, that nowadays interesting shapes with simple structure can be easily created by computer modeling. Sometimes we can even have unexpected outcomings. Every single object is by slightly modified from a sphere, only after several times of mirroring and combination we have various of elements […]

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Star Yan on Bridle, James: New Dark Age: Chapter 4 Calculation

This article first explains the necessity and inevitability of the emergence of the “Steam Age” in history from the perspective of historical materialism, that is, the pace of scientific and technological development and social progress is unstoppable. The invention of the world wide web is a good example, despite its inventor Tim Berners Lee’s story […]

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