Corresponding with The End of Theory by Richard Bookstaber that ‘we no longer need to find ways to build models ‘, ‘in the era of big data that correlation is enough’, which is exactly the core of deep learning.

Such technology prediction that was self-fulfilling as the world wide web was a necessary condition in Moore’s law.

Using the invetion of world wide web that James Bridle view as the result of Moore’s Law. Which is a self-fullfilling technology is predictable. Like Marx said in the theory of Historical materialism that the union of a society’s productive forces and relations of production, fundamentally determine society’s organization and development. The practice of AI and ML are also the necessity of history.

As it’s generally believed that creatvity includes divergent thinking and convergent thinking. The algorithm in Al for now is obviously not creative enough, but we believe that with the development of research on human brain that AI could have the potential possibility to be even more creative than human.

Since now most designers still use AI and ML as augmenting tools that help with inspiration or optimization to certain problems, due to its accuracy and eficiency in dealing with 2D images. We, in this project are interested to explore that if ML can shape a successful city with style transfer.

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