As the establishment of Xiong’an is a long term planning made by the Central Committe, to support the planning and construction of Xiong’an New Area, the project group from Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), made a study based on the remote sensing data obtained from satellite and unmaned aircraft. Here below is some imformation from the report mainly on the prediction of population in Xiong’an.

Current condition of Xiong’an

According to the non-capital function orientation, population growth by migration is mainly from the relocation of all the functions non-essential to Beijing as a capital.

The development of give priority to land where evaluated with high suitability, which comprehensively considering factors such as land use, parcel elevation, flood risk and traffic accesibility.

Hunfred-year flood risk is to a great degree restricting the area developement of Xiong’an, the risking areas mainly serve as agricultural land.

When the polulation achived 5,000,000, around half of the built-up area would be in the hundres-flood risking area. Also the construction of dykes should be taken into planning.

The dykes distribution of Baiyang Lake

The report also conclude that the development of Xiong’an will largely burden the water supply in this new area. The population should be restrained within 5,000,000. Both increasing the capacity of environment and controling the consuming of resource are essential to the future city.

800 5.0 1.0 500

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