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As the establishment of Xiong’an is a long term planning, Xiong’an is goingto build a future city seeking the new mode to optimize the development of high-density areas. Currently it has been under construction as in “China speed”, the built-up areas were decentralized like towns or villages. The central area of a city always accompanies with high rises and close road grids for more spaces and trafiic flows.

In order to explore the way to optimize the development of high density area. We have fields with different patterns of correlations, the elements of which were arranged randomly or symmetrical or just out together with different sizes, to bend with typical cities as Los Angles and Tokyo.

Los Angels have a clear boundary between the large block areas and the small ones. Slight differences in color of the satellite map is detected and the neural transfer is shaping a brand new city which is more organic with those squares and connections between the blocks.

Also in Nakano the dark areas as near the central station where more space is needed for the large flow of people brought by the Shinkansen train is expanded by outdoor space.
The whole area is organized with several squarea or parks which surrounds by public buildings. Higher buildings share more public spaces for traffic and population flows.

Buidling height and density, even the volume is depend on its coloration. There are more interesting parts that was created by neural style transfer. It can detect some slight differences in color and then shape it like a aquare, a lake, a residential area or even a landmark.

In conclusion that style transfer generize a city in a brand new way. It is the quality of the outcome that we can jugde but never to imagine or create by hand. And besides all the projects that we had in this term, there is still a lot more we can go deeper into this field.

One thought on “ Presentation for Vennice Biennale ”

  1. Dear Star, congratulations to the evolution of your project.
    For the next step I would ask you for three adjustments to the c=video:
    1. Per project brief your video needs subtitles (English language)
    2. Maybe you could choose a different voice-over Maybe you could ask Davy or Yinhang
    3. Please raise the resolution of your video to Full HD format (1980×1080)


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