After talking about future city with automatic cars, the first step is to create a new structure (or pattern) for Xiong’an new area, which could show how smart vehicles will shape our city.


Superblock was raised in 20th century, applied in Barcelona

Superblock is a good example to talk about automatic cars. Automatic cars could cut the number of necessary cars while superblock tried to create a car-free area. The key point is that the concept of superblock didn’t mention any new technologies. It will help us to image a high-tech future city.

The rules for cars in superblock

The problem what modern city face is walking space divided by city road. So vehicles are not allowed to enter the superblock. Even necessary cars have to keep a low speed.

Poblendu is the first superblock in Barcelona.
People could have seats on road.
How the superblock will benefit the city.
…to expand accessible space of city
It is possible to get everywhere without private cars.

Superblock could benefit a city a lot. But the most important reason is that a car-free city is possible. With public transport, it is possible to get everywhere without private cars, which mean it is not necessary to drive into a superblock.

Some “NO” about superblock

However, there is still some disagreement. Some residents believe that it is only benefit the central part of a superblock. And some wondered if 30% road of a city can afford 100% cars. Another question is if superblock will work with out regular blocks.

In conclusion, Superblock is a advanced concept. But we have no idea if it is the answer for modern city.

[Automatic Cars in Xiong’an New Area]

In fact, there are many companies experimenting with unmanned cars in xiong’an, but Baidu is one of the largest. Baidu’s Apollo has successfully built a smart car on the road.

Apollo’s white book about smart traveling
3 step Apollo planed for smart traveling

Apollo released a white book about smart traveling, which show its plan about transport in the future. Not only they built smart cars, but also tried to build a system for smart city.

Apollo’s white book(Chinese).

[To Create New Structure]

Picture on Upside is from
del Campo, Matias, and Sandra Manninger. “Towards Hallucinating Machines – Designing with Computational Vision.” IJAC (2020): n. pag. Web.


[Diagram of future city]

One thought on “ New Structure of Future City ”

  1. Hi Davy,
    please incorporate the exciting possibilities of automated cars
    as a reference please look at this footage from 1976:
    Getaway in Paris Ferrari 275 GTB racing

    Also, there are four layers of transportation

    lastly, choose higher resoltion patches


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