Based on the paper The Spatial Planning of Community Food System in Future Productive City written by CY Yang, an area of 108 sqm is enough to grow fruit and vegetable to feed an adult. According to my previous research on urban farming, people living in cities do farming and gardening for leisure and education. And this is the new form of urban farming.

In this proposal, there is still an area of 108 sqm outdoor space designed for one residence, because although they don’t need to grow their own food, the residence can still enjoy sufficient private outdoor space. Also, this allow them more freedom to do what they want in the private garden.

Rules set in cellular Automata:

  • A cell comes to alive when it has one/two neighbors (s)
  • A cell only survive when it has 2/3 neighbors

Style transfer result 01


Style transfer result 02


result 02
result 03

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