Here is a question: how would the future city plan look like? Xiong’an New Area, Hebei, China, has been planned as a future city and smart city. The most important part of the plan is the driver-less cars. Modern city was absolutely shaped by cars. So, how will the smart cars shape our city in the future? With machine learning, we could build a new future city plan.

[An Old Movie]

Here’s a clip from a 1976 movie (double acceleration), a sports car speeding through the city of Paris.
It’s no doubt a great pleasure to travel freely in the city. But now we have to endure traffic jams.
Is this kind of experience possible in the future cities?

[Research Question]

[Output of Machine Learning]


Buildings and outdoor space can be distinguished. But there will be more ambiguity in between-space. It is not so easy to define a park or a plaza.

In a close distance, more type of space could be recognized.


Some kinds of space could be defined. Although it never be the only answer.

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