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Garden city by Howard

Field A




Field B


Field C



Transfer to Xiong’An

<Updated on 18 Dec>

Field D

Field E

Field F

Field G

<Updated on 22nd Dec>

<Updated on 25th Dec>

Today, the presentation will be focused on the following 4 topics, the result of style transfer with appopriate scale, 3d models of style transfer result and video.

Style transfer result (with appopriate scale)

Wipe the slide to see the content picture and style picture.

3D models

Model set 1 (Result with satellite image as style)

Model set 2 (Result with only field)


[coming soon]

2 thoughts on “ Fields 05: Large Scale ”

  1. Urban green at a variety of scales and from private to pulic
    Meet the Chinese creator of living walls

    Indoor Vertical Rainforest, Paris, France

    also consider urban farming
    The world’s largest rooftop garden has just opened in Paris

    but in the style of the Jardin Des Tuileries


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