As stated before, we need AI because it can process information faster and better than us, but that leaves us in the dark, not able to know the full picture. This is the dark age Bridal is referring to, and it is also what we are trying to avoid. We must become architects of processes, using AI to our advantage, rather than passively relying on it. Thus, it is equally important for us to understand AI as it is trying to ‘understand’ us.

“We say ‘well-informed’ solutions in the sense of being able to resolve uncertainty, or to convert raw data into valuable information in a creative, functional fashion. ”

———————-Future Research Direction——————-

How is ‘free will’ conditioned under such circumstances? How should Architects act? Who is the author?

How can we leverage the insights provided from Deep Neural Networks to inform our design and planning?

By comparing the results of existing regulatory practices with the pattern generated by Neural Style Transfer, I would like to examine how AI-related technology can integrate and inform the design processes of urban planning policies of Xiong An.

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