We have learned machine learning, and have done some experiments about transfer the style of a picture. For the next several weeks, we will make the urban plan to solve some city problems. Then I will show some questions about architectures and city that I am interested in.

1.Non-Reusable buildings

My first question is that most of our buildings can’t reuse. When we feel a building have no use, we often pull down it and build a new one, which not only does it waste a lot of money, but also pollute the environment by dust and building rubbish.

2.Automatic drive

With the developing of technology, we can predict that automatic drive will come true, but our road in the city have not made a preparation for it. Most of our roads are defined by the buildings between them. If we need a new road for autonomous vehicles, we will find we have no space for it.

3.Urban zoning and transportation

Xiong’an main zone is divide into five parts. If people live and work in their own part, the traffic will be good, but the city will lack of vitality. If they live and work in different areas, it will lead traffic jam. Some time we can not decide which area we should work, which area we should live, because our houses can’t move, at the same time we change our work places frequently.

All those questions are caused by the lack of variability in our cities. As we know, many prefabricated buildings are built in Xiong’an, which reminds me of Archigram. Peter Cook proposed plug-in city in 1964.He wanted to build huge structures and then plug in a lot of box buildings. Maybe we think the structures are too exaggerated,lacked of relative scale. But the theory may provide a new way to resolve the contemporary urban problems. For example, if our home is composed by several standard boxes, and can be moved when we need, our cities are full of changeability. It maybe a better solution, as the writer said we should stay in a grey zone in order to avoid of conspiracy or shallow view.

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